Walking to Dakar, Africa

012d7941e29a07609fdf837e0f1bfeed1d15620b67_00001The 2014 goal for Imagine No Malaria is $5,000.

The youth of this congregation have decided to walk laps in our fellowship hall until they have walked the distance to Dakar, Africa.  Each lap is equivalent to a certain distance.  Anyone is welcome to join them on this walk.  One of our kindergarten students told his mom that we were walking to Africa, but he didn’t think they were going anywhere.

On December 29th, the youth had a lock in to add a few extra miles to their journey.  They have now reached Dakar and are making their journey back.  Church members beware, that their journey has now doubled.  Some of our members have pledge a penny a mile for this journey.  Get your pocket books ready as they travel back to Denison.  What stories they can share about this journey.  Feel free to share your journey in the comments section.

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