Imagine No Malaria

Where every 60 seconds malaria kills someone.

Where every 60 seconds malaria kills someone.

Every 60 seconds someone in Africa dies of malaria. The United Methodist Church has made it our mission to raise $75 million to wipe out this horrible disease. Our plan is to help educate the people about how to prevent standing water where mosquito breed, teach about the importance of taking the medication, and helping them communicate this information to even the remotest areas. We are handing out treated bed nets for families to sleep under and we are providing test kits and medicine to help the people. For only $10 a bed net can be purchased and given to a family saving lives. For only $2 medicine can be purchased to make a malaria sticker person well.

If you would like to help with this mission contact us at the church office 712-263-2934 and join our work at killing malaria before it kills more generations.

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